HP LIFE Celebrates Entrepreneurs and Family Businesses

Though HP is a global company today, we got our start in a Palo Alto garage. Our founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were opportunistic entrepreneurs, using just $500 in capital to build a bowling alley foul-line indicator and a telescope clock drive, among other inventions. Bill and Dave’s first official product – and the one on which HP’s foundation was built – was an audio oscillator. They created the 200A in the garage behind Dave’s house and even used Lucile Packard’s oven to bake paint onto it. Talk about resourceful!

These days, we provide technology solutions for organizations of all sizes – from large enterprises to family-owned businesses. In advance of Mom and Pop Business Owners Day this weekend, we want to take a moment to celebrate the hard work and innovation of entrepreneurs around the world.

At HP one way we foster entrepreneurship is through the HP LIFE e-Learning program, which helps aspiring entrepreneurs around the world build and operate successful businesses. HP LIFE is a free online resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners, who may not have the IT or business skills needed to start, operate and grow their businesses. The courses are offered in five languages and learners can work through them at their own pace, making it easy to fit learning into family life.

In the United States, HP LIFE e-Learning is being used in community colleges’ business and entrepreneurship classes, as well as in small business development centers in rural and urban communities.  Here are a few success stories of HP LIFE in action:

Kim Simon’s family owns and operates a local community-minded restaurant in Kentucky. After 23 years in business, they wanted to update their marketing plan for today’s communications landscape. Since Kim teaches HP LIFE in her classes at Madisonville Community College, she decided to try the program out on her family’s business. The results? “We were able to create an entire social media marketing plan by utilizing HP LIFE’s modules that focused on marketing. We also developed, for the first time, a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to help us streamline our marketing efforts,” Kim explained. (For more information from Kim and other HP LIFE Faculty Ambassadors, please visit the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Blog).

Ada Bustamante currently participates in the HP LIFE e-Learning program using the Spanish language modules. Ada is able to spend more time with her family thanks to the business efficiencies she learned from HP LIFE. She is even developing a website for her cleaning business and just hired her first employee. Watch the video below to learn more about Ada’s story:

Kim and Ada are joined by an estimated 10,000 other HP LIFE users who are part of a family business. Of those users, 86 percent say that HP LIFE has increased their confidence in the future and more than half say that the program has helped them use technology in a meaningful way. Are you ready to start your entrepreneurial career? Begin your online training now!