HP on the Right Path: Insights from HP’s Industry Analyst Summit 2014

We were the first IT company out of the gate this year with our Industry Analyst Summit (IAS). An analyst-only event, IAS 2014 was HP CEO Meg Whitman's second analyst summit since becoming CEO of HP. 

During last week’s event, Meg and the HP leadership team reviewed our progress against our multi-year turnaround plan and reiterated that HP intends to continue gaining market strength, focusing on customers and reinforcing stakeholders’ confidence.
HP’s FY13 numbers are a testament to the progress we’ve made and they did not go unnoticed by investors – in fact, our share price is the highest it has been in two years. This is the result of our hard work and accomplishments, including: 

In simple terms, our company strategy is to provide solutions for the New Style of IT, or what we view as the next major inflection point in the IT industry. This latest shift is being driven by trends we now see in everyday life – cloud, big data, security and mobility. 

The New Style of IT bridges enterprise and customer experiences, spanning devices, infrastructure, software and services. These days, IT must accelerate in order to keep pace with business and customer demands. That’s where we come in. 
Many technology companies are playing in this space, but HP is unique because we’re equally strong in infrastructure, software and services – from security to big data. At HP, we provide the connective tissue for companies transitioning to the New Style of IT and help our customers manage today’s complexity in ways that no other company can. No other company has HP’s strength and experience in hardware, software and services. We make it, we back it and we service it. And we have a unique perspective because we both helped build the IT world of today and are helping to create the IT world of tomorrow
Invention and innovation are core parts of our heritage at HP. Today, we’re investing in R&D and looking ahead to address our customers’ future needs. That’s an incredibly important point to emphasize – everything comes back to our partnerships with our customers. Customers have always been at the heart of HP, and that remains true today. We’re listening to our customers and hearing their needs. Meg personally met with more than one thousand customers and partners last year alone. 
We’re making amazing new strides, whether tackling the issue of storage head on with 3PAR; combining the best of breed in analytics, data processing and security via HP HAVEn; becoming the clear leader in private cloud solutions; or helping to accelerate innovation and launch new systems faster via OpenNFV, our new comprehensive network virtualization program. 
We must continue to do what HP has always done: Invent. Innovate. Prove our value. Earn trust. We’re already seeing momentum carried into FY14. From strengthening our balance sheet, to reaffirming our commitment to innovation, and helping customers navigate the New Style of IT...we are on the right path.