HP’s Global Volunteer Challenge: Global Impact and Employee Entrepreneurialism

Hewlett-Packard’s 300,000+ employees use their talent to develop innovative technical solutions for our customers and partners every day. What if we harnessed that same talent to develop solutions for the world’s humanitarian and environmental problems?

This is the challenge HP set forth for our employees with our Global Volunteer Challenge (GVC): how can we use our skills, size and resources to give back to our communities? With the most recent GVC in 2012, HP teams from around the world rose to the occasion and launched a variety of volunteer projects, contributing more than 1.4 million hours of service.

HP awarded grants to three teams that created impactful projects during last year’s GVC, and the first place winner this year was India’s HP Hackathon. The Hackathon combined two of HP’s core principles: helping solve problems through innovative technology and making a positive impact in the world. More than 200 employees participated in the Hackathon and proposed 19 different ways technology could help solve community problems.

One problem they tackled was blood donor access during medical emergencies. There are a large number of blood donors in Bangalore, but a group of concerned HP employees noticed that doctors and nurses were unable to efficiently match donors with patients that needed blood immediately.

To solve this problem, HP employees created iTAD (intelligent tracking of accessible donors) - a tool that can find the nearest registered blood donor match and search within a list of registered donors for specific blood types. This tool allows doctors and nurses to find blood donors as easily as you might find a restaurant for lunch.

These employees were able to accomplish something amazing because HP encourages entrepreneurism and teamwork. It’s this same spirit that drives our employees to develop beneficial products for customers and partners. See for yourself how iTAD works and watch the video below: