HP Helion: The Agile, Open and Secure Cloud

Today, Hewlett-Packard introduced HP Helion, a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that encompass everything we are doing in cloud computing and beyond to address our customers’ transition to the New Style of IT.

HP Helion builds on the cloud strategy we’ve had in place for more than three years, helping businesses build, consume and manage massive applications across a combination of public and private clouds – what we call a “hybrid” IT environment. HP Helion is more than just a new brand; it’s our response to the most common challenges our customers face in today’s evolving, complex world.

The Challenge: Complexity, Security, Enabling the Organization

The IT landscape is handling a growing workload using an increasingly complex combination of traditional and new technologies. Consider that by 2020, more than a trillion applications will be exchanging 58 zettabytes of digital data over more than 100 billion devices.[1]

Meanwhile, security remains a top priority for all organizations – public and private. With increasingly complex environments combined with more sophisticated cyber attacks, it’s a huge challenge to achieve consistent policies, governance and data protection.

How is IT to manage, control and scale applications in such an environment? In this new reality, IT must be able to respond to organizational requirements quickly, economically and reliably. For an organization to be successful in today’s digital world, IT must overcome these challenges, while at the same time become a strategic partner to the business.

At HP, we are focused on responding to these challenges with hybrid IT solutions that are open, secure and agile.


How HP Helion can help: Open, Secure, Agile Solutions

The cloud has evolved to become the very fabric of the enterprise. With this in mind, the HP Helion portfolio of products and services spans open source technologies, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, management solutions, software and professional and support services, providing organizations the tools they need.

·         Open: With HP Helion, we’re extending our commitment to open source computing. HP Helion’s focus on openness enables businesses to tailor the cloud and delivery models to their specific needs and to the technologies they already have in place. And as a founding platinum member of the OpenStack® Foundation and a leader in the OpenStack and Cloud Foundry™ communities, HP has taken a critical role in developing technologies that are enterprise-ready.

·         Secure & Reliable: HP is using its decades of experience in operating systems and cryptography to harden OpenStack technology to help ensure it meets enterprise requirements. In addition, HP Helion provides management and security solutions that span the enterprise, as well as delivers customers and partners reliable service levels, so that organizations can move forward with confidence.

·         Agile: As companies modernize their technology infrastructure, it’s imperative that IT is able to innovate quickly, while at the same time ensure existing technologies work seamlessly with the new. With HP Helion’s unified, open architecture, customers can deploy public cloud solutions in a matter of minutes and private cloud solutions in a matter of hours.

We recognize that data locality is a critical issue for some customers in order to meet privacy and data sovereignty mandates. They have to be able to answer the question: “where is my data”? To help meet this need, we are going to set up HP Helion OpenStack cloud services in 20 of our data centers across the globe over the next 18 months. In addition, HP Helion cloud services will be made available via HP’s partner network, which today encompasses more than 110 service providers worldwide.

HP has been a consistent leader in defining next-generation computing platforms, and we are doing this again with HP Helion’s next-generation open source platform. And just as we did with Linux to give organizations confidence in open source, HP is offering HP’s OpenStack Indemnification Program. This program is designed to protect qualified customers using HP Helion OpenStack code from third-party patent, copyright and trade-secret infringement claims directed to OpenStack code alone or in combination with Linux.

Our expertise in OpenStack technology clearly sets us apart. So does our financial commitment. HP is dedicating more than $1 billion dollars over the next two years on cloud-related product and engineering initiatives, and professional and support services – extending our portfolio and establishing HP as the unmatched leader in enterprise cloud computing.

I’m really excited about HP Helion. I know our customers will be, too.


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[1] Source: HP Internal research