HP Software – Leading the New Style of IT

At HP, we talk a lot about the New Style of IT - it’s rapidly emerging as powerful tectonic shifts are changing the way technology is consumed, delivered and purchased. The New Style of IT is driven by cloud, security, mobility, and Big Data — and software is the glue that makes it all possible, providing the essential tools for customers to manage across platforms and delivery environments.

I say this not only because I lead our software business, but because I see the industry shifts through our customers’ eyes.

At HP Software, we enable our customers to address today’s technology challenges; challenges like increasing demand from lines of business, how to marry current and next generation infrastructure, how to capitalize on trends like cloud and mobility, how to deal with increased security threats, and how to make sense of the seemingly infinite amount of data.

We are at an inflection point for the industry, and one of tremendous opportunity. Our software powers the New Style of IT to deliver real business implications and ROI for our customers – both for today, as well as with a focus on the future of their businesses.

Whether it’s to create new business and IT delivery models, to speed innovation cycles, to mine and create actionable meaning from vast, rich data sets; or to protect against cyber-attacks and adversaries, HP Software is driving innovation. Here are a few examples:

  • Our IT Management products power the cloud; enable nimble teams of developers to create and manage the next generation of mobile enterprise applications; anticipate, prevent and resolve IT issues; and automate to improve efficiencies and optimize IT services.
  • HP Autonomy solves some of the most challenging issues that organizations confront today – getting your information governance house in order in the age of Big Data. Autonomy offers an end-to-end solution that uniquely enables organizations to detect and act on new signals of risk; understand, protect, govern and collaborate on information; and maintain compliance with local, federal and international regulations. And Autonomy can automate these functions at massive scale – for instance, one of our customers, a large global bank, is archiving 7 to 8 BILLION emails a month with Autonomy.
  • With our Enterprise Security Products, we help secure and protect organizations from the rising number of cyber-attacks – providing solutions to nine out of the top 10 banks, all major branches of the US Department of Defense, all of the top 10 telcos, nine out of the top 10 software companies and thousands of other organizations.
  • HP Vertica creates actionable intelligence for Big Data. Major online gaming clients use it to analyze tens of billions of rows of data every day to improve the financial performance of their games; political campaigns use it to adjust strategy and reach critical voter demographics that ultimately sway the campaign.

HP Software comes from a position of strength. We power 94 percent of the Fortune 100 and are a $4 billion growth business poised on the cutting edge of today’s technology trends. And, we are #1 or #2 in all of the key enterprise software markets that we participate in. The bottom line: our 13 product lines help organizations across IT, Legal and Compliance, Marketing and Security.

HP is in a prime position to be THE software company to help customers embrace the New Style of IT. Only HP brings together an unparalleled software portfolio as well as hardware and services – or leverages existing infrastructure, platforms and delivery environments to solve our customers’ most challenging problems. There is so much to do, and we will succeed thanks to our great customers, partners, leading products and dedicated employees.