IT Can Drive Better Business, If You’re Open to Change

Changing IT Landscape

For decades, IT has both created opportunities and been challenged by the trends we see transforming business, including Cloud, Security, Mobility and Big Data.

But today, a New Style of IT has emerged that promises simplicity, greater agility, higher performance and lower costs. This New Style of IT blends technology with automation and business process improvements to make it easier for customers to do business. But to truly deliver these kinds of solutions, IT departments must be open to change.

From Old to New

Product design teams often get the most credit for being creative and innovative. But, as the CIO of HP, I can tell you that when IT departments embrace innovation and creativity, we can make great changes in the way our companies operate.

IT was once considered a service provider who kept the trains on track. Now, with the New Style of IT, IT can be a value creator, helping companies grow and reach new goals. Journeying to the New Style of IT requires consolidating and modernizing old, archaic systems to allow businesses to take flight with agile IT solutions.

When IT departments need to modernize, they face both technology and personnel challenges. Migrating to new systems requires tricky data transitions, as well as careful work convincing company leadership that new IT systems will improve their businesses.   

How HP is Journeying to the New Style of IT

Since becoming the CIO of HP, I have worked with our own IT department to modernize our systems with best-in-class HP solutions. By swiftly migrating to the New Style of IT, our business can move faster and more efficiently. For example, provisioning a database used to take two to three weeks and now takes five minutes.

A few years ago we cut down our 85 data centers in 29 countries to six data centers in the United States. Since then we’ve been able to reduce our data center requirements further by using the Moonshot server, which requires 80 percent less space, uses up to 89 percent less energy, and reduces complexity by over 97 percent – all at 77 percent less cost*. With our new Moonshot technology and efficient systems designed for the New Style of IT, it’s looking like we’ll never have to build another data center.

We bring our customers more efficient and valuable IT solutions, and we use them ourselves first. Gone are the days when IT was only a go-to for help desk tickets. In order to cut costs and increase value to organizations on a global scale, IT teams must be the driving force behind better business solutions. I am confident in HP’s ability to connect people, IT and business to enable the New Style of IT.  


* According to internal HP engineering that compares HP Moonshot servers with traditional x86 server technology.