Leveraging Technology and Personalized Learning to Advance STEMx Education

Technology is always evolving, pushing us further and expanding our capabilities. It continues to have a profound impact on us, transforming nearly every aspect of our lives. Nevertheless, one of the most important aspects of our personal growth – education – has yet to embrace all of technology’s transformational benefits.

The future of education lies in personalized learning – learning that is tailored to fit the needs of each individual. Every student has a learning profile that is as unique as a fingerprint. With personalized learning, students can focus on their own skills development to creatively and properly prepare themselves to enter and compete in the dynamic, digital and interconnected world of today.

Thanks to technology, personalized learning can take place anytime, inside or outside the classroom. Interactive video content supplements textbooks and can be further adapted to meet each student’s unique learning level.

At HP, we are particularly optimistic about the potential advancements in STEMx education (science, technology, engineering, math and a number of other disciplines and 21st century skills) that can be achieved by combining the practices of personalized learning with creative applications of cutting-edge technology. Advancing STEMx education is paramount to helping solve some of the world’s most critical challenges, such as environmental concerns, global healthcare and poverty. Ensuring that people are well-versed in STEMx aligns with HP’s business strategy to turn our company around by empowering and enriching the lives of our customers, our existing and future workforce and the communities in which we work.

This powerful mixture of tech and personalized learning to advance STEMx education can – and must – come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some of the ways that we have brought these ideas to life:

  • Our Lab-in-a-Box Program brings technology to schoolchildren in remote corners of the world.  In efforts to enhance STEMx education through computing, HP India developed programs for children in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The programs take place in a converted shipping container retrofitted with electricity and the latest technology, including wireless connectivity. Through the program, students are studying topics, such as math, via our VideoBook technology, which enhances their traditional textbook experience with online videos. Videos are recommended to specific students depending on how they learn and if the student needs a little extra explanation on a particular topic or process.
  • Our education programs, such as HP LIFE and HP LIFE e-Learning, have worked with roughly 1.5 million learners around the world to help train them in business and entrepreneurship, two key sub-elements of technology and math in STEMx. In Delhi, India, entrepreneur Neha Gupta participated in HP LIFE, our program that trains students, entrepreneurs and small-business owners to apply IT skills to establish and grow a business, all on the student’s own terms and timetable. Neha gained valuable skills in math and technology and now owns her own successful jewelry business in India. As part of these programs, HP employees serve as mentors and use skills-based volunteering to help empower learners from all walks of life.
  • Our education programs connect with and support high school students interested in tech and computer science. HP CodeWars, hosted at our Houston campus since 1998, convenes high school students interested in computer science (a hot topic in technology and STEMx) for a creative computer programming competition, mixing HP’s high-tech environment with the needs of our future tech stars: food, music and prizes. While participating in CodeWars, students push themselves and their creativity in coding challenges and are rewarded with HP technology, such as computers, scanners, printers and software. We are pleased that CodeWars recently expanded to Roseville, Calif., and Taipei, Taiwan.

All of this boils down to one simple idea: in order to compete in the job market of the 21st century, our workforce needs to be equipped with a solid foundation in STEMx education. The power of personalized learning enabled by cutting-edge technology is clearly the way forward.