Making it Matter with HP Advisors

Dave Bruscino is Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Hewlett Packard. 

I am just one of the HP employees who has been privileged to participate in the HP Advisors program — an important initiative that empowers employees to help address some of the world’s most urgent social issues.

Through HP Advisors, we partner with internationally-recognized organizations Global Health Corps and Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship to connect non-profits with experienced HP senior management.

It’s exciting to partner with these respected organizations and to help passionate social entrepreneurs successfully navigate corporate environments to achieve their goals.

Barbara Bush, president and co-founder of Global Health Corps, had this to say about the HP Advisors program:

“We were connected with HP about two years ago and pretty quickly realized that we shared similar values—those of serving others, investing in talent leadership development and creating effective solutions. […] We have really seen how the HP advisors and mentors who work with our fellows have coached them through their careers.”

HP Advisors: Making it Matter in Argentina 

As Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at HP, I obviously come from a legal background, but other HP Advisors bring a range of experience and skillsets to the table. From IT to supply chain management to engineering and design, HP Advisors act as sounding boards and use their experience, knowledge and professional expertise to help non-profits work through organizational challenges and create best practices for success. 

As an HP Advisor, I was matched with the Argentinian non-profit RESPONDE, which has developed social and economic projects in 85 rural towns and enabled tens of thousands of villagers to stay in their communities.

To kick off our partnership, I met with Marcela Benitez, RESPONDE’s founder and executive director, in Buenos Aires and spent a full day discussing the organization’s evolution, key projects, challenges and future goals.  

We determined that Marcela was spending too much time on tactical activities and not enough time on RESPONDE’s strategic direction.  Together, we analyzed her team members’ roles and made sure that she was delegating appropriately and working efficiently. I helped her develop an easily-referenced tool that tracks the status of RESPONDE’s projects and provides metrics and timelines. We also put together a strategic plan that identifies short, medium and long-term objectives, and an operational plan to achieve those objectives. 

The HP Advisors program has been a great opportunity for both my personal and professional development. In addition to making a difference to Marcela’s important organization, I further developed the leadership and general business management skills that I use at HP and became more aware of HP’s positive impact around the world.