Media Taking Note of HP’s Forward Momentum

This week’s Global Partner Conference is our annual opportunity to bring together our top partners, share our respective strategies and demonstrate our commitment to providing mutually beneficial business opportunities that set up our partners to win and help our customers transition to the New Style of IT. 

The progress we’ve made to that end over the past two years is not going unnoticed. Here are some recent news articles that speak to our forward momentum: 
“Whitman is driving what in HP parlance is called a ‘New Style of IT’ along with a new style of IT partner. That has required astronomical investments, including a more than $100 million sales transformation initiative that includes a single unified channel sales platform called Unison based on It also required a companywide effort to put partners at the center of everything HP—from product planning to sales and even a massive marketing overhaul aimed at letting partners leverage the $112 billion computer giant's multibillion-dollar marketing muscle. […] Whitman's hard work is beginning to pay off. So far, all of HP's top-tier Platinum partners and 20 percent of Gold partners have business plans with the company. Solution providers that two years ago were shifting business away from HP to competitors such as Cisco Systems and EMC are now building out rigorous business plans aimed at driving big gains in their HP sales and profits.”
“‘My headline is progress, more work to do. But I feel like we have made real progress. So I think we have a lot of forward momentum. I think there is more work to be done. But I feel good about the progress, and you can feel it. I can feel it when I am out in the field.’”
“Since 2011, Ms. Whitman has said H-P's strategy will remain sales of complex systems to corporate customers, and home PCs and printers to consumers. Mr. Hinshaw has overhauled the company's internal systems and processes that executives say hurt productivity and sales. […] Among the changes: H-P has replaced its old sales and human-resources software with easier-to-use, Internet-based programs from Inc., Workday Inc. and other cloud providers. It has re-engineered its sales force to make it easier to buy technology and services from H-P and its more than 150,000 distribution partners. And it has redesigned its website to recognize PC and mobile visits, as well as adding thousands of consumer products and more video.”
“Hewlett-Packard is adding to its portfolio from the desktop to the data center at its Global Partner Conference this week with a number of breakthroughs. From an HP StoreOnce Backup Appliance with improved price performance to a game-changing enterprise ink in the office multifunction printer, here are the top 11 new products/services set to fuel partner growth.”
“‘Every single day I get up and say, ‘What is the most efficient way to deliver this outcome for customers?' And the most efficient way has an element around innovation, the most efficient way has an element around operating model, and the most efficient way has an element around go-to-market. And I firmly believe that in many, many cases -- and I say this to my team every single day in most cases -- the partner is going to do it better than you. So we are going to figure out how we simplify and enable our partners. Because if we do not, we will die.’” – Bill Veghte, Executive Vice President and General Manager of HP’s Enterprise Group
With innovation and passion at the heart of everything we do, HP will continue to target opportunities in the marketplace and work tirelessly to make it easier for partners and customers to do business with us. 
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