Partnership helps HP and UPS become more sustainable businesses

Innovation has, and will always be, key to a company’s ability to achieve long-term success. For us and for UPS—both pioneers in our fields—innovation is part of the corporate DNA. Whether it’s creating technology that changes the way people live or reshaping the processes that affect how businesses run, our creative thinking drives positive results.

That same innovative spirit can be seen in the way we are working with UPS so we can both reduce our environmental impact and become more sustainable businesses. Over the years, we have capitalized on our knowledge and expertise to assist each other in lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and meeting environmental goals.

For example, UPS relies on HP technology to improve its operations and free up valuable resources. An HP Converged Infrastructure featuring HP ProLiant servers, networking and storage products has helped UPS double its processing power while reducing energy consumption by 40 percent. Through this solution, UPS expects to save more than 3 million kilowatts of electricity annually.

In turn, UPS is working closely with us to help reduce GHG emissions in our supply chain, which accounts for 34 percent of our overall carbon footprint. These efforts are highlighted in UPS’s just-released 2013 Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR), an annual report that outlines the steps UPS is taking to operate more efficiently and sustainably.

In an open customer letter in the UPS CSR, John Frey, HP Customer Advocacy manager on the Americas Social Environmental Responsibility team, highlights the collaboration to reduce the environmental impact in our supply chain operations. In it, Frey explains that UPS handles logistics and transportation for our spare-parts business because UPS can accomplish this work with a much smaller carbon footprint than we can—and at a lower cost.

In addition, HP and UPS were founding members of Green Freight Asia (GFA). Launched in 2013, GFA works to lower product transport–related fuel consumption and associated GHG emissions across Asia. This initiative is highlighted in our 2013 Living Progress Report.

Partnering with an innovative logistics leader like UPS helps support our goal to drive a 20 percent reduction in GHG emissions intensity from our first-tier manufacturers and product transportation partners by 2020 compared with 2010. It is also one way we are driving HP Living Progress by helping to create a better future for everyone through our actions and innovations.