PHOTO GALLERY: HP at Sundance Film Festival 2014

The film community is gathering this week and next in Park City, Utah for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival . Again this year, HP is the technology sponsor for the festival, and we’re setting up shop at the Kimball Art Center to give festival-goers a chance to relax out of the cold and try out some of the HP technology used to make movies.

Some of the products featured are the Z-series workstations (including the new HP Z1 G2) that are integral to the creative process for many filmmakers, including DreamWorks, the Bandito Brothers for Act of Valor and Martin Scorsese for his latest – The Wolf of Wall Street. Our technology does not only benefit the major studios; it levels the playing field by allowing independent filmmakers the same technical prowess used on a big-budget production.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Sundance Film Festival this year, here are some photos from the HP Sundance house:

HP Sundance house live lounge

HP Sundance house live lounge

One of the HP Z-series workstations, where student filmmakers can create marketing pieces to support our live Festival broadcast. These workstations, using Adobe Creative Cloud software, allow filmmakers to drop clips from almost any camera type into a timeline and begin editing immediately, cutting out the time it takes to convert clips to a standardized file type.

There’s more to these vibrant printed movie than meets the eye. Using the Aurasma Augmented Reality App, you can access interactive content through each poster. Watch a tutorial of how it works here.

Interactive touchscreen timeline chronicling the history of film

HP Live Lounge

One of many “animation hotlines” stationed throughout Sundance. Festival-goers can use this phone to leave a message for animator Dustin Grella. The message could become the voiceover of a short animated film as a part of Grella’s most recent art project.

Animator Dustin Grella using an HP workstation to create one animated mini film per day with the messages received from the blue “animation hotline” stations.

Print studio at the HP Sundance house

HP Designjet capable of printing high-quality movie posters

Workers entrance to the HP Sundance house during set-up

2014 Sundance Film Festival, with technology sponsored by HP