Revitalizing HP Enterprise Services and Helping Clients on the Journey to the New Style of IT

At Hewlett-Packard, our Enterprise Services group is currently in the midst of revitalization efforts as part of HP’s turnaround strategy. Ultimately, our goal is to provide consistent service quality and a differentiated client experience unmatched in the industry.

Our Enterprise Services revitalization efforts are well under way and we’re making good progress to drive world-class value for our clients.

A key part of our revitalization efforts is reinvigorating our sales force and our growth culture. We recently hired a new worldwide sales leader, Larry Stack, SVP of Global Sales, and I can tell you he is already making a huge difference. Our go-to-market effort is all about re-tooling and jump-starting our growth engine. As part of this, we are empowering our account executives and strengthening the accountability model to better serve our clients.

We are also focused on innovation around our core services portfolio. We want our clients to gain increased business value from IT, both in traditional areas as well as providing strategic advice and transformation services to help them move to the New Style of IT.

We see this new style as a deeper integration of a variety of IT solutions to meet the challenges of an evolving business environment, which are influenced by Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and Security. We want to show how our services advance the way clients can use technology to meet their needs.

In particular, we’re focused on providing solutions to our clients in key facets of the New Style of IT – Mobility, Cloud and Big Data. Here’s how:

  • Mobility and Cloud: We know that our customers are moving away from the traditional workspace desktop and helpdesk models to more CYOD – “choose your own device” – or BYOD – “bring your own device” – models. To accommodate this changing workplace, companies are integrating mobility and Cloud into their IT structure. We’re helping customers make this transition seamlessly through our hybrid cloud strategy: integrating small, manageable pieces of new technology in phases so that companies can take strategic steps to this new model.
  • Big Data: We also know that our customers face the daunting task of managing all of their data efficiently and securely. HP Enterprise Services’ new information management and analytics (IM&A) service, announced on March 18, is an example of how HP is helping clients get increased value from their vast amounts of data. IM&A is designed to help clients quickly make sense of their data — driving new revenue opportunities, improving efficiency, reducing risk and lowering costs.

These are some of the approximately 57 new product portfolio offerings we’ve released in the last 12 months, and we continue to tailor our offerings to meet client needs.

As we continue our revitalization efforts, continue to look for updates on our progress on HP Next.