Students get their geek on at 2014 HP CodeWars

Education is a cornerstone to social progress and deeply interconnected with economic prosperity around the world. At HP, we are working with global leaders on creative approaches to academic curricula, teaching and assessment that will take full advantage of technology to drive innovation. As we celebrate Innovation Week this week at HP, we wanted to highlight one example of how innovation can spark the future generation – HP CodeWars.

HP CodeWars is the largest computer science software competition in the world. Founded by HP in 1998, CodeWars poses a wide range of programming challenges to teams of high school students and amateur developers.  Just last month, HP hosted the 17th annual HP CodeWars competition at our Houston, Texas, campus and in Austin, Texas; Roseville, Calif.; and Palo Alto, Calif. We will also be holding an HP CodeWars competition in Taipei, Taiwan, later this month.

Since its inception, more than 8,000 students have participated in the competition, together writing more than 900,000 lines of code in Python, C++, Java and Pascal programming languages.

Geeking Out Can Be Empowering and Fun
HP CodeWars combines the high-tech HP environment with a wide range of programming challenges that test participants’ software knowledge and skills. Winning teams are eligible for prizes like HP PCs, scanners, printers, software and accessories. In addition, HP grants summer internships to CodeWars winners, giving these students an opportunity to gain real-world experience in the field of computer science.

The event also highlights how logic and math, associated with programming, can be both fun and empowering. This “I Can Code” documentary video from the Richardson High School team speaks to their positive experience participating in HP CodeWars.

Driving STEMx Education Today to Develop Tomorrow’s Technology Leaders
HP CodeWars cultivates student interest in engineering, math and computer science in order to develop future technology leaders. In fact, many HP CodeWars participants return to HP after college to work on future innovations.

These days, STEMx education is a key driver to creating these new innovations, industries and jobs. The technology industry already employs over 6 million people. By 2018, it’s estimated that the United States will face a projected shortfall of 230,000 qualified advanced-degree STEM workers. At HP, we are committed to doing our part to help educate and produce future innovators. 

Other HP Living Progress and STEMx Initiatives

  • Living Progress Program – highlights how HP creates a better future for everyone through action and innovation. Social Innovation is one way we do this Using our broad portfolio, technology and expertise, we can help tackle some of the world’s major challenges.
  • Catalyst Initiative – explores how technology can be used to create powerful STEM+ learning experiences. The HP Catalyst Academy offers a rich range of mini-courses that assist educators around the world in implementing these innovations and inspire students to use their technical ingenuity and creativity to address urgent social challenges.
  • The Mobile Calculating Lab (MCL) – provides fun and interactive kits that jumpstart simple data collection in math or science experiments, as well as more advanced activities like compressing gas to increase pressure. The labs inspire student engagement and increase achievement in science and math, preparing students for success in a technology-driven world.
  • National Action Committee for Minorities in Engineering (NACME)  – our corporate partnership with NACME helps drive the tenet that a workforce accomplished in STEM disciplines is necessary to compete in the technology-driven world. We remain committed to working with NACME to support minorities such as Latinos, African Americans, and American Indians, who today are not proportionally represented in STEM disciplines.

For more information about HP CodeWars, please see the photos below, visit the website or follow @HPCodeWars on Twitter. Want to test your inner geek? You can also check out the HP CodeWars challenges. For more information on HP’s social innovation and STEMx + education initiatives, please visit the HP Living Progress website.