Turning Big Data Into Actionable Marketing Insight

Just over 12 months ago, I joined HP to lead the HP Autonomy business. A great deal of work has taken place since that time, and we are eager to showcase the innovation that we are bringing to market.

As a case in point – today we announced the HP Digital Marketing Hub, a new solution that brings integrated and advanced customer analytics to marketers.

The HP Digital Marketing Hub is a great example of HP’s breadth and depth, and our ability to bring together the best of HP to build comprehensive technology solutions for the New Style of IT. The HP Digital Marketing Hub is also a major milestone in HP’s HAVEn big data strategy, leveraging HP Autonomy’s IDOL and HP Vertica, groundbreaking algorithms from HP Labs, and the HP Converged Cloud, to process massive volumes and varieties of customer data at scale and in real-time.

These days, businesses have access to more customer data than ever before, but marketers often struggle to capitalize on this information in a timely or accurate manner. While developing the HP Digital Marketing Hub, we gathered feedback from our customers, digital marketing agency partners and industry analysts to ensure we were building solutions that address the challenges and opportunities of this rapidly changing IT landscape. Three themes shaped our final product:

Focus on business outcomes

Marketers are highly focused on metrics. In my conversations with Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Digital Officers, one goal was evident: growing revenue. As a result, we built the HP Digital Marketing Hub with the express purpose of turning big data into insight-driven, prescriptive marketing action to help drive material business outcomes.

Integrate and analyze disparate data

Marketers use data from many different sources—web, social media, email, search engine marketing, customer relationship management solutions, purchase systems, call centers and more. This means that customer data from these systems often sits in silos, giving an incomplete customer picture and creating inconsistent channel experiences. We designed our solution to serve as a centralized data processing engine that can combine information from multiple systems, increase return on existing IT investments and quickly adapt to environment changes.

Deliver actionable insights at scale, speed, and across multiple touch-points

We consistently hear from marketers that they want to increase the velocity of their interactions and content delivery. Scale, speed, and multichannel analysis are HP’s “home court advantage” thanks to:

  • The HP Converged Cloud, which gives enterprises a highly secure, proven platform that spans private, managed and public cloud.
  • HP Vertica’s columnar database, which is quickly becoming the de-facto standard for analyzing huge volumes of structured and machine data in real-time.
  • HP Autonomy’s Marketing Optimization portfolio, which helps marketers automatically leverage insights across varied customer touch-points to deliver targeted content.

This is an exciting time at HP Autonomy. I’m hearing great feedback from our customers, partners and employees on the initiatives we set forth one year ago, and I am confident that we are building a better, stronger Autonomy that will positively contribute to HP over the long-term.