Using HP Vertica Within Our Own Walls

Imagine if your car could send you an email when the oil is low or a front tire is a little flat. At HP, that’s what our managed servers do every day, meaning we receive regular status updates from more than 28,000 servers all around the world. Just imagine the massive amount of data this process generates. Capturing and analyzing this data is only one of the ways we use HP Vertica here at HP.

Our Vertica big data analytics platform analyzes huge volumes of server status updates around-the-clock, acting as a translator and making sense of the “machine talk.” Vertica alerts us in real time when we need to make repairs or changes before a malfunctioning server can cause problems.

When I tell customers that they can use HP Vertica to take their businesses to the next level, I know the kind of impact they can expect and how to optimize the results because we’ve tried it first for our own business here at HP.

I encourage you to watch HP CIO Ramón Baez’s interview with SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE. Ramón explains how we’re using Vertica’s big data analytics software to help HP and our customers. As companies journey to the New Style of IT, HP Vertica is an important part of HP’s end-to-end solutions that will help customers and HP make a smooth transition to modern efficiency.