VIDEO: Bill Veghte Talks UPS Customer Success

Last week, HP launched a new integrated campaign featuring UPS as part of the Enterprise "Make it Matter” series.

Delivering more than 15 million packages and handling 48 million online tracking requests daily, UPS is representative of companies with large amounts of data and complex logistics networks that rely on HP’s technology to improve operations and free up valuable resources.

In the video below, Bill Veghte talks about how HP helped UPS with a complex IT transformation that is yielding incredible energy-saving results. 

By adopting HP’s Converged Infrastructure solution, UPS has doubled its processing power while reducing energy usage by 40 percent, or more than 3 million kilowatts annually. This savings not only helps UPS meet its energy efficiency goals, but also translates to significant cost savings. That allowed UPS to redirect resources to invest in growth and innovation. The result? A more agile, scalable and energy efficient UPS.