VIDEO: From inkling to offering – how innovative ideas become reality at HP

Chandrakant Patel is an HP Senior Fellow and Chief Engineer of HP Labs.

If you’ve been following along here on HP Next, you know that HP is committed to innovation and developing solutions that help solve our customers’ most challenging technology problems. We have a powerful set of assets and intellectual property that set us apart —from disruptive products such as Project Moonshot to the research coming out of HP Labs to creative healthcare solutions in rural India. But have you ever wondered how we take these projects from idea to reality?

At HP, product development involves a number of stages, including research, brainstorming, team identification, development and commercialization. Through internal events like Tech Con and HP Software’s INNOBLAST, we bring together the best and brightest from across HP’s business groups to ensure that we are making products that matter and bringing them to market in a timely fashion.

Innovation is in the HP DNA. We have renewed our historic focus on products and services, and are committed to getting them to the right customers. As a Senior Fellow and Chief Engineer for HP Labs, I’m always thinking about how we can solve customers’ problems. Because I’m a visual person, I like to sketch as I think. A sketch that foresees and addresses the challenges our customers will see in the future helps me think of the innovations that we need to deliver. For example, an idea starts with a sketch of a solution that shows how our customers will utilize terabyte scale data from physical systems to perform analytics and improve productivity.

I was pleased to lend my drawings to the video below, which explains how great ideas go from inkling to HP offering.