VIDEO: Using HP Converged Infrastructure Here at HP

Duncan Campbell is VP of HP Converged Infrastructure.

I met with hundreds of customers last year to speak about how HP Converged Infrastructure can simplify and match their IT to the speed of their business. I explained how our solutions align to their apps for any workload at any scale. And I listened and helped many customers move forward at their own pace and preference. But one question I received many times was: “How is HP using its own convergence solutions?”

With the world’s broadest technology portfolio spanning printing, personal systems, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP delivers solutions for customers’ most complex challenges worldwide. And with more than 300,000 employees, 120,000 mobile devices and 28,000 managed servers, HP’s infrastructure is critical for our own business to run smoothly and reliably.

Like our customers, we feel the demands of the New Style of IT. We are constantly trying to accelerate IT innovation and speed, become more agile, and increase uptime and efficiency. My colleagues in HP IT want to make sure we are using the right solutions to maximize performance while keeping a small footprint. And, it’s crucial that we can easily upgrade and flex our infrastructure as technology demands grow and change.

Additionally, HP IT is creating a model that is more flexible and agile in order to move at the speed of the business. More and more, HP IT is striving to become a value creator and a knowledge center by moving from technology “integrator” to a customer/business focused “innovator.”

That’s where my part of the business – HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions – comes in. At HP, we are constantly modernizing and simplifying our infrastructure by using our own products and solutions; we are putting our money where our mouth is. For example:

  • With HP Networking Solutions we have been able to reduce infrastructure costs and power consumption while increasing bandwidth. We are introducing new services faster with end-to-end virtualization in the datacenter. We run the complete HP company over HP Networking products today (Cisco Free).
  • By using 3PAR Storage in HP’s six core datacenters, we’ve achieved a 40 percent increase in capacity within our existing floor space and reduced complexity. In our remote sites, we’ve achieved space savings of 79 percent with 10x performance improvement.
  • HP Moonshot servers dramatically simplify our datacenters. In our case, Moonshot takes up 80 percent less space, consumes 89 percent less energy and costs 79 percent less*. Right now, HP Moonshot servers run all of which gets more than three million hits a day. Plus, with HP Moonshot servers, we may even be able to reduce our whitespace — saving $150 million. 

We’re proud to put this technology into action and ensure our infrastructure enables innovation in all areas of HP’s business. The two videos below explain even more about how we use HP Moonshot and Converged Infrastructure within the walls of HP.

*Based on HP internal analysis of and estimates of total cost to operate HP Moonshot with ProLiant Moonshot Server Cartridges as compared to traditional servers.