When Unpredictability Is the Only Constant, Innovation Must Remain a Core Value

David Scott is Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP Storage.

There is nothing permanent except change. Despite this truism attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus, the IT industry has spent decades struggling to simply adapt. You’d think we’d have it down by now. After all, it’s in the very DNA of what we do. This is why, when I’m asked about what lies ahead for the IT industry and for HP, I always come back to the core value that Hewlett-Packard represents to me: innovation.

I believe now more than ever that we need a New Style of IT, one that presupposes never-ending change. In order to get there, we need data center storage that factors in unpredictability as the only constant—from unpredictable workloads in virtualized environments right down to our lack of a crystal ball to see into the unique requirements of tomorrow’s hot new applications. Many legacy architectures still in play today were designed more than two decades ago. No wonder they aren’t equipped to handle the shifts to virtualization, cloud computing, and Big Data. How can we expect them to tackle what’s next?

Data is at the center of the major hurdles that businesses large and small are facing today. Capturing, managing, optimizing, protecting, restoring, and analyzing data are all big challenges and big opportunities, which means that storage is more vital than ever. HP is well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity and has been since 2011, when we announced HP Converged Storage. But with a business as large as ours, even with innovation as a core value, it still takes a tremendous amount of effort and considerable time to realign the entire business to adjust to a tectonic shift of such magnitude. However, it is possible. We’ve proven it.

Today, our entire business is aligned behind leading the enterprise storage market with the strongest and most innovative product portfolio in our history—featuring a completely refreshed lineup and new products that addresses customer needs for primary storage, information protection, and information retention and analytics. This includes cloud-ready solutions, storage purpose-built for virtualization, and our industry-leading software-defined storage platformAs the worldwide leader in tape drives and automation, we offer the broadest and most advanced tape storage portfolio in the industry that supports the latest version of the linear tape open standard, also known as Ultrium, or LTO-6. No other vendor can make these claims. 

We’re also taking a critical lead in blurring the boundaries between “enterprise” and “midrange” storage. For example, HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage changed the game when introduced in late 2012 by delivering the Tier 1 features and enterprise-class resiliency of HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 Storage at midrange affordability.

Looking ahead, our investments in storage networking innovation continue to ensure that the fabric connecting servers and storage in the data center are just as sophisticated and efficient as the infrastructure it supports. Innovation in hot technology areas like software-defined, flash, and object storage puts us out in front where “Day 1” design decisions really matter. For example, our HP 3PAR StoreServ architecture was built to handle flash requirements in a way that legacy vendors simply can’t while providing rich Tier 1 data services that startups lack. Look to hear a lot more from us on this in the near future.