Yes, Maybe Technology CAN Save the World

“What if the Internet got a monthly electric bill?” (It would cost $6.6. billion a month).
“How much energy is cloud computing burning?” (More than 191 of the world’s 196 countries).

These were just two of the questions and answers posed this week at the second annual Women’s Innovation Council meeting, during which HP brought together some of the most powerful women in technology to determine how best to drive innovation  that has social purpose at its core.

Founded in 2013 by Bethany Mayer, senior vice president and general manager of HP Networking, the Women’s Innovation Council now includes 29 of the most prominent female CIOs and CTOs, many of whom are HP’s customers and partners.

This week’s event focused on the intersection of technology and sustainability, with sustainability being an issue that now spans consumers, enterprises, governments and politics. Increasingly, IT is being used to solve these problems.

“It’s pretty clear we’re on a non-sustainable path in terms of energy, space and cost,” Bethany said during the meeting, expressing that technology leaders “have the ability to innovate and make a change in the environment,” while still driving business results.

Also in attendance, HP CEO Meg Whitman shared some ways HP is already focused on sustainability in technology. One example she mentioned was HP’s Moonshot server, which helps alleviate the energy and space stressors posed by the rapid growth of data centers worldwide.

“If we don’t change the paradigm, we’re going to need 10 million servers in the next three to five years for the U.S. alone,” Meg said.  If laid end-to-end, those servers would span the length of Manhattan and use significant amounts of energy.

Fortunately, HP’s Moonshot server can manage the same load as older servers using 80 percent less space and 89 percent less energy.* It’s so small and efficient that HP will likely never need to build another data center.

“We now run on a Moonshot server with the power of 12 60-watt light bulbs,” Meg said. “This is a game changer.”

*Based on HP internal analysis of HP Moonshot with ProLiant Moonshot Server Cartridges.