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    Printing had a banner year, remains core piece of HP business

    Chinese photographer Lu Yanpeng now produces his artwork with the HP Officejet 7110 Wide Format ePrinter.
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    Re-Thinking HP’s Approach to Design

    Someone once said, “Looking good is half the battle.” While you may not completely agree, we all know that appearances matter...
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    HP’s Innovation Engine: Why Tech Con ’13 Matters

    HP’s technologists meet at a super-secret location to share their most cutting-edge ideas
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    The Birth of Project Moonshot

    In early 2007, a few of us at HP Labs decided to build on our rich research in energy-efficient computing and start a new...
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    HP Converged Cloud: Leading the Hybrid World

    At HP, we want Converged Cloud to help our customers and partners gain operational efficiency and business agility while...
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    People Behind HP Moonshot

    HP Moonshot is an example of cross-functional teams coming together to develop innovative and differentiated products...