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    PHOTO GALLERY: HP Earth Insights Gives Rise to the Animal “Selfie”

    Oxford Dictionaries’ 2013 word of the year was “selfie,” and the HP Earth Insights animals are getting into the craze.
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    Harnessing Big Data to Drive Environmental Progress: HP Earth Insights Develops Early Warning System to Support Conservation Efforts

    HP Earth Insights: the real-life application of big data.
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    Certification Program Puts Veteran IT Expertise to Work

    IT Training and Certification Partnership is putting Veterans and their deep IT expertise to work.
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    HP Technology Helps Enable Rural Haiti’s First Teaching Hospital

    It’s not about computer technology – it’s about how technology gets applied to societal problems that makes a difference...
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    HP Enterprise Services Improves Cloud-based Mobility for Business

    To help businesses succeed amidst this new dependence on mobility, HP Enterprise Services announced yesterday a cloud-based...