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    Accelerating The Machine

    HP's Martin Fink provides an update on the progress of The Machine project.
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    Beyond DRAM and Flash, Part 2: New Memory Technology for the Data Deluge

    DRAM and Flash are reaching the end of the road. In this second part, Martin Fink explores what will come next to enable the...
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    Beyond DRAM and Flash, Part 1: The End Is Nigh

    The comfortable drumbeat of free progress in memory technology is coming to an end. What can be done?
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    The End of a Necessary Evil: Collapsing the Memory Hierarchy

    Martin Fink explores the reasons why computers spend most of their time shuffling data between different storage types and...
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    HP Labs: Thinking Differently about the Future of IT

    Hear from Martin Fink on the next generation of computing architecture.