Supporting the scalable enterprise

INGENIUM is a core life, annuity and disability policy administration system. It supports all your insurance products through their full policy life cycles. INGENIUM is highly configurable, feature-rich and able to be deployed internationally. It can scale from a startup operation to tens of millions of policies. Within the business technology ecosystem, clients have the option to implement and manage HP INGENIUM themselves or HP can deliver INGENIUM via Enterprise Cloud Services, enhancing agility in a secured environment.

As a result, INGENIUM grows with your business. You'll introduce new products to market efficiently with INGENIUM's blend of parameterization and configuration. HP licenses INGENIUM and provides additional implementation, customization, and vertical consulting.

Full automation of the entire policy lifecycle

Right out of the box, INGENIUM is feature-rich and ready for use. It has over 30 years of insurance business rules and product models ready to help you launch and sell insurance products in a new market. If you are expanding internationally, a single data center could host INGENIUM for worldwide use in multiple countries. Its front end can be configured for your level of end-user interaction required, from novice user to knowledge worker.

If you’re deciding whether to buy multiple applications for different geographies, or trying to modify what you have because your current system can't handle the multi-language, multi-currency processing required, INGENIUM may be for you.