The 802.11ac-ready HP MSM Controller Series works in unison with the HP 425 and MSM 802.11n access points to deliver a cost effective high-performance networking solution for the mid-size enterprise campus. The enhanced architecture supports next generation standards, RF optimization and flexible distribution models for unparalleled performance, reliability and ease of deployment.        


  • Support for Bonjour Services
  • Bonjour multicast manager - reduces Bonjour multicast traffic
  • Bonjour gateway –discovery services in a different layer-3 network
  • Bonjour access control – blocks Bonjour traffic until user is authenticated


Optimized Design and Performance

The HP Multiservice Mobility Controller Series supports both centralized and distributed forwarding options to reduce latency, optimize application performance and increase WLAN scalability.
Optimizes wireless coverage and the user experience with Wi-Fi Clear Connect RF optimization, automatic interference mitigation and dynamic client load balancing to increase connectivity.
Offers flexible upgrade licensing to scale the network as business requirements change.
Comes in appliance or blade form factors and support for 802.11a/b/g/n clients and is 802.11ac ready.

Simplicity and Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The HP Multiservice Mobility Controller Series simplifies configuration and deployment of WLAN services with automated workflows.
Reduces complexity by streamlining configuration, management and troubleshooting of multivendor wired/WLAN networks with HP single management tool.
Lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) with Industry leading warranties.

Business Continuity

The HP Multiservice Mobility Controller Series delivers seamless failover of mobility services through virtual controller redundancy.
Offers comprehensive security and threat protection with integrated intrusion detection system (IDS), support for internal and external authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) servers and a stateful built-in firewall.
Supports comprehensive identity management, endpoint security and centralized policy enforcement for a converged wired/wireless infrastructure.
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