Operations Orchestration Community Edition

Now you can benefit from a leading way to experience IT Process Automation and IT Process Orchestration. In just two steps you will automate incident remediation and service fulfillment.

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Develop, deploy and manage automations with ease

HP Operations Orchestration is a next generation IT Process Automation solution that is designed from the ground up to increase automation adoption whether in a traditional data center or hybrid cloud environment. It provides the perfect choice for automating your IT tasks, operations and processes and is not just limited to run book automation. It also provides the most comprehensive integration capabilities and out-of-box content across multiple IT domains such as virtualization, Cloud, SAP orchestration, Dev/Ops and Security Ops.

Key benefits

  • Reduced operational cost with automation of common tasks and processes
  • Improved service quality with accelerated incident resolution
  • Reduced risk and errors during change execution
  • Improved audit compliance through documentation generation and reporting
  • Integrates with current IT environment for minimal impact on procedures and tools

Introducing HP Operations Orchestration 10.0

Introducing HP Operations Orchestration 10.0

Discover how HP Operations Orchestration can help you automate your IT processes from the data center to the cloud.


Discover how HP Operations Orchestration can help you automate your IT processes from the data center to the cloud.

Increase operational efficiency

HP Automation Services provide a suite of foundational services to help you implement HP Server Automation, HP Operations Orchestration and HP Database and Middleware Automation. Through automation of the operational tasks and processes, HP Automation Services can help manage infrastructure growth and frees resources and budget for IT to invest in innovation.

HP Operations Orchestration Foundation Service

Get started with IT Process Automation

Step 1:

Download software

Step 2:

Start with processes that will provide significant returns:

  • Self-healing incident remediation
  • Fast IT service request fulfilment

Adopting IT Process Automation and Process Orchestration requires strategic thinking and a stepwise approach. Incident Remediation and Service Fulfillment processes are ripe for orchestration. They are not the hardest processes and provide the quickest wins. The tradeoff between effort and returns is the best.


Self-healing incident remediation

Self-healing incident remediation is a poster child for quick successes with substantial ROI. Out of thousands of incidents to remediate, pick just five to 10 high-volume incidents. Automate and orchestrate them so you can complete repairs in a matter of seconds. And then repeat your success with another group of high-volume incidents.

Fast IT service request fulfilment

IT self-service request fulfillment is important as it creates a culture of self-service and enables IT to take a very strategic approach. Choose five to 10 high-volume requests and automate and orchestrate the processes that lead to fulfillment. Prove that you can use orchestration to deliver services in minutes, rather than hours or days. Then repeat your successes with a subsequent group of requests. Along the way, keep your eyes on the ultimate prize: self-service provisioning.

Key features

  • Two hours to automate incidence remediation and service fulfillment request
  • Less than 30 days to experience benefits of OO-CE investment
  • Majority of IT organizations reduced errors by 50% or more
  • Majority of IT organizations reduced task and process execution time by 50% or more

Getting started with IT process automation

HP Operations Orchestration Community Edition (OO-CE) software automates and orchestrates incident remediation, service request fulfillment, and other processes.

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