Integrated insurance software suite

ProductXpress is a graphical, collaborative product design and calculation environment used by marketing, actuarial, business line and IT teams. It contains a common rules and calculation engine used with presales illustrations, web-based portals, in-force illustrations and administration systems.

Expedite value creation

ProductXpress dramatically reduces time to market, opens communication lines, eliminates redundant Tasks, and secures product intellectual property and specifications associated with product implementation. It delivers speed, accuracy, and corporate governance by stabilizing, then perpetuating, implementation best practices. While your competition struggles with spreadsheets, random documents, and word-of-mouth development methods, your company will be able to focus on increasing its market share.

ProductXpress is model-driven, so it requires no traditional programming practices or coding. It is also extensible by the user and requires no vendor support for new product types or features. Implementation usually occurs between 30 and 90 days from training to production. ProductXpress often cuts development cycles by half, even for the first implementation.