Drive operational efficiency and align expenses to revenue

As a service provider, or a large, scale out IT environment, you need a unique support experience. Your scale, speed of operation, rate of change, and multiple relationships bring complexity. IT is your business, and you need to drive down your operational costs and increase services margins.

HP Datacenter Care offers you a cost effective, tailored, relationship-based approach to support the most demanding data centers handling the demands of internet style computing. With Datacenter Care, include the services you need, don't pay for what you don't need. Especially suited for Service Providers is Flexible Capacity.

With HP Flexible Capacity's pay as you grow model, you can align your revenue and expense cash flows. You have immediate access to storage, server and networking resources located on-site. With a capacity buffer, you can scale quickly and pay only for the capacity used.

Datacenter Care services that are commonly included by Service Providers include:

  • A single point of contact that knows your environment, to help you meet your service level commitments
  • Enhanced call experience, fast access to experts that know you and your environment
  • Selected hardware and software support levels for each HP or multivendor system - pay only for what you need
  • Integration and deployment services to accelerate your time to market
  • Optional Spares Management Service, using HP’s award winning parts and repairs supply chain to deliver exactly what you need when you need it to your onsite parts depot.
  • Optional Data Privacy services, to help you deliver services that meet your customers’ needs for compliance and privacy and data sovereignty

Meet the Expert

Connect with our HP technology experts like John Morello who designs innovative and flexible service and support solutions for hyperscale mission critical environments.

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