Comprehensive training, readily available support

Service and Support
Support for most HP Atalla security products comes directly through the HP technical support organization. HP technical support provides in-depth support for all HP Atalla security products that are under a support contract. Your local GCSC is your first point of contact outside normal HP working hours. Call your local GCSC and say that you need HP Atalla security products support. Your Customer Care agent will forward your urgent request to the appropriate HP Atalla Security Products technical resource. Routine requests will be forwarded the next working day. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5 pm PDT.

HP Atalla Technical Support
+1 800-500-7858
+ 1 916-414-0216 (outside of the U.S.)
Atalla Help Desk +1 916-414-0217 (outside of the U.S.)


Training and Education

  • Using cryptography to protect networks
  • Financial networks and the Internet
  • The installation and proper use of current HP Atalla security products
  • Value-added HP Atalla products
  • Migration to the Atalla environment
  • Hands-on lab sessions
  • Question and answer sessions

HP Atalla Training and Education
+ 1 800-523-9981, select option 2
+ 1 916-414-0217 (outside of the U.S.), select option 2
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