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HP Actionable Analytics Services provides you with a suite of end-to-end solutions to help you make informed, actionable decisions about your business based on your data. Our solutions help clients expose key underlying business issues that can be linked to a specific, logical output action. We offer deep industry insight and advanced algorithmic models to provide you with new predictive insights and pragmatic business solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Attain a structured set of activities that will generate organization-wide actionable insights aligned to your overall business strategy
  • Get pragmatic business solutions with direct, immediate financial impact
  • Connect information sources and unlock the opportunities within to increase productivity, better understand and satisfy your customers, and grow revenue

Analytic Consulting Services

HP Analytic Consulting Services leverage industry best practices and data science methods to help clients turn data into ongoing insight to address business challenges across a variety of industries and business domains. Through Analytic Consulting Services, clients can address specific business issues to deliver deeper customer insight, operational optimization, risk profiling and management, and more.

Analytic Consulting Services (PDF 1.2 MB)

HP also offers a suite of industry packages that are intended to be coupled with this offering to address these specific business domain issues. Examples include:

  • Warranty Analytics: Early Defect Detection – Uses linguistic analysis to discover hidden trends in warranty and service records for OEMs to more quickly identify the emergence of previously unknown defects.

    Warranty Analytics: Early Defect Detection (PDF 1.3 MB)

  • HP Predictive Maintenance Analytics uses statistical analysis to predict the equipment failures in advance to better plan maintenance work, replace unplanned downtimes with shorter and fewer planned shutdowns, and reduce asset maintenance and operating costs.

    Predictive Maintenance Analytics: Early Failure Detection (339 KB)

  • Customer Analytics – Enables you to get deeper customer insights and target the right customers with the right offers via the best channels to acquire new and profitable customers, increase existing customers' value, and foster customer loyalty and retention.
  • Social Media Analytics – HP provides advanced data science techniques to interpret your customer sentiments, increase revenue and profitability by expanding your customer base, gain competitive advantage by managing brand perception, and identify the network of influencers, detractors, and major players.
  • Financial Risk Analytics – Provides in retail/commercial banking, capital markets, investment banking, and insurance firms to better assess risk exposure, predict future scenarios and enhance compliance, and drive a customer-centric risk strategy and improve customer-focused activities.
  • Marketing and Sales Operations Analytics – HP solutions help optimize your front office operations through a suite of services including sales force structure, industry landscapes, loyalty & value channel management, account decision insights, tradeoff analysis, win/loss decisions, retention & defection concept testing, territory performance, pricing/discounting, competitor profiles, shopping insights, new product launch, market mix modeling, and segmentation.
  • Situational Awareness Analytics – Enables you to transform your ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from crises quickly and confidently. With our solution you can improve visibility of all critical response fronts online in near real time, optimize responses through proactive knowledge-based decision-making and cross-departmental collaboration, enhance your ability to quickly identify areas of potential unrest and disturbance through a customized dashboard with data combined from social media and multiple news media, and improve your ability to prevent incidents through solution-generated heat maps that identify potential areas of concern.

    HP Foresight Situational Awareness Solution (PDF 2.1 MB)

  • Supply Chain Analytics – Provides you with lower supply chain costs by evaluating demand and supply requisites, improving inventory operations, procurement, distribution operations, and contracts management based on key business drivers.
  • Fraud Analytics – While broadly applicable across all industries to combat fraud, our service especially serves clients in financial services (credit application fraud, claims fraud, transaction fraud), E-tail (transaction fraud, online fraud), Retail, Consumer Products, and High Tech Electronics (gray market fraud, shrinkage), and Public Sector (tax fraud, subsidy fraud). Our solutions span early warning systems, fraud pattern identification, rule automation & expansion, social network analysis, anomaly detection, collection scorecard, video pattern detection, and social CRM.

Customer Analytic Services

HP Customer Analytic Services can help you acquire new customers, increase wallet share and profitability, and create more resilient and longer-lasting relationships with customers. We discover predictive patterns from both structured and unstructured data, and then derive actionable intelligence across all these information sources. Using advanced analytics, HP exposes the underlying business issues that can empower you to make data-driven business decisions.

Foresight Situational Awareness Solution

HP Foresight Situational Awareness Solution allows you to transform your ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from crises quickly and confidently. Through a combination of technology and services, we deliver a flexible, real-world capability that harnesses and analyzes all relevant data, even in your most dynamic situations. Our solution has unparalleled capabilities to handle massive volumes of disparate data—both structured and unstructured– transform it into actionable insights, and quickly and efficiently share it across organizational boundaries, enabling you to make key decisions in real-time

Interactive Media Command Center Solution

HP Interactive Media Command Center (IMCC) enables you to listen and engage with your mass consumers over multiple social and traditional channels, aggregate and analyze the data to understand their sentiments, and then interact to drive engagement, loyalty, and growth.



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