HP Executive Team

Loh Khai Peng

Managing Director
Hewlett Packard Indonesia & General Manager, HP Enterprise Business

Khai Peng's biography

Loh Khai Peng is the Managing Director of Hewlett-Packard Indonesia and has been with HP Indonesia for three years. He is responsible for overseeing HP’s operations and driving overall revenue and profitability for HP in the country. He also leads the HP Enterprise Business in Indonesia.

A 16-year IT industry veteran, Khai Peng has extensive experience in management, enterprise and channel sales. Most recently, he was HP’s director of storage sales for Asia Pacific and Japan, where he led the unit on a healthy growth track during his tenure in the position. Previously, he was chief operating officer at SUN Microsystems for its Philippines business, where he doubled the firm’s revenue in that market.

Khai Peng started his IT career with IBM in 1992, rising through the ranks to become a product manager. He then left to join SUN where he gained his experience in regional channel sales. After that, he served as HP’s business director for products and channels, as well as senior district manager for the financial services segment, based in Singapore.

Khai Peng holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore.