Integrate manufacturing operations for tangible benefits

As a manufacturer, you continuously face changing market and customer demands. While low-cost, high-quality products and short time to market are the price of entry, new challenges are amplifying transformation needs.

Growing product complexity and expanded product portfolios are pushing traditional manufacturing execution systems (MES) to their limits. Volatile markets require manufacturing responsiveness and flexibility in terms of volume, variants, and new products – a big stretch for existing MES solutions. Globalization is causing most manufacturing companies to push for synergies across multiple plants through an efficient coordination and governance model.

We can help you address those needs in order to achieve the next level of manufacturing excellence and remain competitive. Our integrated manufacturing operations and management solutions provide tangible business benefits and support you throughout the entire plan-build-run lifecycle. These include:

  • HP MES Transformation Services – a range of services and solutions to accelerate your manufacturing global deployment capabilities including Manufacturing Value Assessment, MES Architecture Workshops, Manufacturing IT Assessments, MES Enterprise Solution Planning, Manufacturing Application Services and the MES Governance Dashboard.
  • HP Manufacturing Intelligence solution – makes the shop floor transparent to all levels of the enterprise by delivering broad, real-time visibility and enterprise decision support. It produces actionable information that enables faster problem resolution, insight into areas of opportunity, and effective performance management for optimized agility and responsiveness.
  • HP Factory as a Service solution – is a comprehensive business-focused approach for the end-to-end provisioning and management of all plant IT (infrastructure, applications, and services). It relieves manufacturers from IT management, freeing up resources to innovate their core business. It can transform established plants and start new plants in a timely, efficient, and trouble-free manner.

We provide sector-specific solutions designed to seamlessly integrate and connect factory floor systems with enterprise-level applications. We partner with leading MES suppliers around the globe. Our MES transformation solutions include industry frameworks, best-practice processes, bill of IT mapping, methodologies, templates and tools to support you throughout your MES implementation journey.


Additional Solutions

Aerospace and Defense
Reduce product life cycle spend, move products and services to market faster, and focus on innovation with HP solutions for aerospace and defense.

Reduce costs, shorten time to market, create supply chain efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction with HP solutions for global automakers.

IT Cost Optimization
Positively impact your bottom line by streamlining operations and driving costs down with IT Cost Optimization solutions from HP.

Product Lifecycle Management
Foster innovation, speed time to market and improve productivity and efficiency with design chain solutions from HP.

Supply Chain Management
Streamline your supply chain operations, improve information workflow, reduce costs and mitigate risks with HP supply chain solutions.

Sales and After Sales
Modernize your customer interactions driving sales and customer satisfaction, rationalize warranty expenditures, and grow your revenue and profits by extending your reach into the complete product life-cycle.