Connect people with information and each other.

HP Portals and Collaboration Services provide services and software to create web portals and collaboration solutions. We work with you to understand your business requirements for collaboration and communication among employees, customers and external partners. We design a portal and collaboration solution that meets your needs and is flexible enough to meet future needs. We implement the solution. And we manage and support it on an ongoing basis.

Businesses demand improvements in employee productivity. But growing complexity means employees, partners and even customers waste time searching for the information or contact they need. Portals and Collaboration Services uses web portals, collaboration tools and social networking to connect people to the information and the other people they need to do their jobs.

For business, it means employees spend their time on more productive tasks, business moves faster and customers and partners find you easy to do business with.

Target—a unified communications and collaboration platform for the future

HP Portals and Collaboration Services helps enterprises create web portals that provide employees, partners or customers a single, unified view into the information and services that you want to make available to them. Users can access and share information, find resources and other users, collaborate on projects and initiate business or employee transactions.

We bring new concepts and technologies together with existing information management systems to provide a platform for sharing and collaboration. We consolidate existing, disparate portals and web sites and surround them with new, unified access and collaboration tools. Our solutions reuse information assets to reduce errors and eliminate out-of-date content. We provide for governance and design in security.

HP Portals and Collaboration Services is a managed service. We design the solution, implement it and manage it for you on your site or ours.


Related Services

» Assessment, strategy and planning services
Assessment, planning and strategy services define the essential, unifying concepts that will underlie the solution. And it develops the business case and information needed for informed decisions.

We begin by understanding the current situation and the desired outcome. We identify the business needs that a portal and collaboration solution must meet. We quantify benefits and pinpoint risks and issues. We create a high-level solution vision that you can share with stakeholders, and we define a roadmap for getting from the present to the desired future state.

» Management services
Management services provide ongoing management of the solution. We train users and IT support specialists. We implement governance practices, and we lead the organization through the change management necessary to achieve the desired results.

We monitor operation of the portal and collaboration tools to ensure the availability and performance you need. We help users use the solution and resolve problems when they experience them.

Depending on your situation, we provide support on-site and from global support centers. We use proven best practices and tools, and we apply then consistently to provide a uniform service wherever in the world your users are.

» Architecture, design and implementation services
Architecture, design and implementation services transform the solution vision into a detailed plan and design. The solution design will show how people will use it, how information will be distributed and reused and how it will streamline business processes.

We plan for governance and security, identify needed infrastructure upgrades and specify how the system will be managed and operated. We show how existing systems and portals will be incorporated and develop the migration plan to do so. Then we implement the solution—on your site or ours—per the plan.

» Consolidation and migration services
When your portal and collaboration solution consolidates existing portals or replaces older applications, our services help you transition from the old to the new quickly and without disruption.

Using proven methodologies we survey the environment to identify functional differences between old and new systems, so we can plan for them and eliminate surprises. We deploy the best tools to migrate data and applications. And we apply best practices—proven through thousands of similar efforts—to simplify migration and achieve the desired end state as quickly as possible.

Successful migration lets you consolidate disparate services and facilities onto the new, consolidated platform. Then you can grow into the future from there.

Expertise, experience and collaboration

More than 1000 companies already use HP Portals and Collaboration Services—in every region of the world—and we support more than 700,000 Microsoft® SharePoint seats.

Our experts—there are more than 1500 of them—use the full set of rich internet application (RIA) technologies and a complete portfolio of applications to implement Web 2.0 solutions. Methodologies and best practices are proven and documented. We maintain collaborative partnerships with Microsoft and Oracle, so we can bring you the latest while we work with them on new solutions and tools.