Prepaid Card Services open new market opportunities for banks and other industries

HP Prepaid Card Services support a wide range of debit, credit and prepaid options, including the capability to utilize multiple currencies on a single card through the use of a multi-currency purse. This gives banks the ability to provide new products across many industries and customer segments, including Transportation, Healthcare, and Government.


  • Increased simplicity by leveraging a single platform that provides a single view of the portfolio.
  • New market opportunities by allowing banks to provide card-based payment services, regardless of the consumer's credit eligibility.
  • Inventory management allows clients to deploy cards that incur no costs until assigned and activated.
  • Fraud protection minimizes client exposure to losses by applying advanced fraud monitoring tools on the transactions.

Comprehensive suite of modules

  • An inventory management system tracks the complete life cycle of the card, providing clients with the assurance that they have card inventory ready for distribution.
  • A self-service customer portal enables cardholders to easily enroll their card securely with the issuing bank, view their transaction history, add funds, change their PIN and report a lost or stolen card.
  • A customer service portal replicates the cardholder functionality, while allowing simple and secure access to address customer inquiries.