Superdome Server Services

The demands of mission-critical workloads continue to expand, requiring global 24x7x365 high availability, reduced downtime, reduced costs, and enhanced virtual environments. That’s why you should put the strategic and technical know-how of HP service experts to work for your HP Integrity Superdome environment.

Our services span the technology lifecycle—solution assessment and design, installation and startup, data center planning, training, and ongoing support—to create a highly manageable, cost-effective infrastructure based on open standards and industry-leading innovation.

While other vendors are content to sell you a high-end server and leave you to figure out the details of preparation, design, installation, and management, at HP, we work with you so that we can understand your business needs and address each of them as it relates to the key phases of the solution lifecycle. The result is a customized technology solution that performs well from day one—and will continue to perform well for years to come.

Superdome Server Services includes three levels of consulting service:

  • Foundation Service Solutions includes an on-site consultant to help configure, plan and get the system up and running; as well as providing training and ongoing support services.
  • Proactive Services include additional levels of support including more extensive education and training; and an on-site project manager.
  • Critical Services is the highest level of support we offer, providing extensive support, education and on-site project management.

Meet the Experts

Connect with our HP technology experts in Superdome Server Services, which include three levels of consulting service: Foundation Service Solutions, Proactive Services and Critical Services.


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