A firm foundation to transform information technology

As organizations change and grow so must your enterprise applications. Applications that performed well 20 years ago may now be inflexible and costly to maintain. You may need to boost performance, transition from unsupported technologies and extend the reach of existing applications by integrating them with new programs built on modern platforms.

Enterprise modernization renews and revitalizes information technology (IT) assets to create an agile, flexible infrastructure that is more responsive to change, improves organization performance and maintains a leading edge.

HP has more than four decades of experience in IT services, which gives us a firm foundation to transform IT environments of the future.

  • We know legacy systems and their complex environments. We've successfully applied our methodology with many of our clients so we know our consistent approach to enterprise modernization works.
  • We have the frameworks, processes and resources to design modernization programs and individual integration projects.
  • We understand how the new modernized applications perform and should be managed, and have the assets and expertise in areas that will shape the future, including service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Data Center Modernization Services

Data Center Modernization Services offers infrastructure rationalization, storage rationalization, transition and migration services, mainframe transition services and other transformational activities to create a more simplified and agile IT landscape that can respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

Services include:

  • Virtualization - creates server, storage and network pools, sharing resources across multiple applications or departments to maximize utilization and return on investment at minimum cost.
  • Consolidation - reduces the number of servers, storage systems, network devices, processors, applications, databases and even sites to increase cost savings, manageability and usage.
  • Automation - saves time and money on infrastructure management processes such as asset tracking, application and patch provisioning, code deployment and rollback, monitoring and failover, and assigning computing resources.

Applications Modernization Services

The HP Applications Modernization offering delivers industry and domain expertise, applications knowledge and strategic planning capabilities supported by patent-pending tools and intellectual property (IP) to execute the modernization journey toward agility. Through our Applications Assessments, we identify the “right” modernization strategies for each application based on the client's business drivers: Re-learn, Re-factor, Re-host, Re-interface, Re-architect, Replace and Retire.

  • Transform applications from rigid legacy environments to modern application environments that take advantage of open standards including service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Migrate applications from legacy hardware platforms to new infrastructures that reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Establish integration frameworks that promote interoperability between existing legacy applications and new modern environments.

The result is a modernized agile environment where IT and the business work together and the TCO is lowered to allow the business to grow.



Applications Modernization

Contact Center Modernization