Empower employees and secure data

You are faced with the problem of how to empower employees who expect anytime, anywhere access to corporate data and applications while maintaining control and security over that data. We can help take you from where you are today to the workplace of the future through our advise, transform, and managed service offerings in the following areas:

  • Mobile Enterprise
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Workplace Management and Support

A new style of workplace has emerged

Radical change is happening to your workplace. The workplace used to mean an office, a desk, and a desktop PC. Now it can be anywhere, anytime. As a leader, you’re tasked with figuring out how to use this New Style of IT to meet your goals. You’re moving your team from maintenance to strategy—but making the link can be a struggle. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), smartphones, tablets, and public cloud data stores are happening …whether officially sanctioned or not. At the same time, desktop and laptop PCs continue to be very important for developing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and for handling high volume work.

How do you meet the legitimate business needs for this new style of workplace while protecting corporate data?

HP can help you empower your employees while ensuring your workplace remains enterprise grade, scalable, and secure. We can advise you on building a road map and deliver innovative new processes and tools to enable your transformation. Finally, we can manage your ongoing workplace environment to give you industry-leading service levels, effective risk management, and the flexible employee productivity you and your employees want.

Simply put, our goal is to help you meet yours.

Learn more below about how HP can manage and transform your workplace IT environment.

Mobile Enterprise Services

Mobile Enterprise Services deliver innovative mobility solutions that enhance the way you engage your customers and drive productivity improvements for your employees with secure managed mobility services and solutions.

Software Licensing and Management Services

Software Licensing and Management Services assist you in getting the most from your software investments by facilitating cost-effective software acquisition, giving you better control of software throughout your organization, and helping you comply with vendor licensing requirements.

Unified Communications and Collaboration Services

Unified Communications and Collaboration provides a new way of working that accelerates business processes and decision-making by enabling immediate access to people, data, and applications anytime, anywhere, on most any device; these services integrate email, file sharing, instant messaging/presence, voice/video, collaboration, and social media together with PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Workplace Management and Support Services

Workplace Management and Support Services enhance your users’ IT experience and transform your workplace with a full lifecycle suite of services aligned to your business and IT needs that give you flexibility to design an IT solution for your unique needs.