On-site support, right to your site

HP Site Support Services provides on-site support for multi-vendor workplace devices like PCs, laptops, handhelds, servers and printers. It completes the full spectrum of user support offered by HP by enabling HP Service Desk agents to dispatch a technician right to the user's location when necessary to resolve an incident. We also handle installation, moves and changes. And we can improve and extend vendor warranties for devices by offering committed service levels.

For enterprises with a diverse mix of desktop devices, it's challenging to train and certify internal support personnel on the myriad of vendors and products. With Site Support Services, we maintain vendor relationships, technical staff, certifications, repair parts and all the other logistics needed for an effective and efficient support operation.

HP Site Support Services simplifies your operations and lets you focus on your business.

Coordinated, synchronized services when and where you need them

Effective remote support is the key to improving user satisfaction with their workplace tools. And managing most of the incidents at the Service Desk can reduce the cost of site-level support. That's why Site Support Services works hand-in-glove with HP Service Desk Services. We deploy more expensive local resources only when the situation requires. This integrated, full spectrum of user support provides end-to-end support for all major device manufacturers.

And when you use other HP Workplace Services, like Asset Management, Workplace Software Management or Mobile Workplace services, you provide the full support your users need. It all works together as an integrated solution. And that provides the best value to your organization.


Hardware Support Services
Hardware support services provide diagnosis and repair of a wide variety of devices including desktop and laptop PCs, printers, servers and an array of more complex devices. Services can be delivered through either:

  • Enhanced warranty support—This service enhances the warranty vendors normally provide with purchased devices by offering defined service levels for repair at your users' locations. You can select same-day or next-day repair options.
  • Post-warranty support—Provides on-going warranty support for devices no longer covered by the original vendor warranty. Post-warranty support is available for a broad set of authorized devices. Warranty services roll the cost of on-site repair parts and labor into an easy-to-manage monthly maintenance fee.

Software Support Services
Software support services provide on-site response to investigate and resolve incidents or trouble with operating systems and packaged software.

Most software defect problems and how-to-use questions are resolved by the HP Service Desk. But when a situation requires on-site help to assist with connectivity, printing, driver conflicts or other problems, Site Support enables the dispatch of a service technician right to the user's location.

Install, Move, Add, Change and De-install (IMACD) Services
IMACD services provide user support, on location, to help with physical installations, moves, adds, changes and de-installs for a broad set of supported hardware devices. These include desktop and laptop PCs, printers, servers and infrastructure devices.

IMACD services also include software installation and update. While most cases are handled remotely via automated processes, this service provides on-site response when needed to complete software modifications or resolve related problems.

If you also use HP Asset Management Services—a complementary service in the suite of HP Workplace Services—adds, changes, moves and de-installation of devices are automatically captured in the asset management system. That means you always know what hardware and software assets you have, where they are and details about them.

Specialized Services
Support teams must often respond to special situations that stretch workforce availability and can result in degraded services to other users. The "flex force" features of Site Support Services let us respond to those situations easily. Examples include:

  • VIP support—This option provides a concierge level of support for executives and others who need ready access to a personalized service. Expertly trained professionals provide assistance when the VIP is traveling, in the office or at home. It can include different types of office support including device setup, connectivity and problem resolution.
  • Event support—This service provides the on-site help you need setting up meetings and special events to avoid taxing your already thinly stretched IT organization. Event support experts can also handle the IT needs for trade show booths and demonstrations.