Proactively plan your security environment

In an open and collaborative world, reactive security isn’t enough. The threats and vulnerabilities come too quickly. It takes a more preemptive posture, one that gets ahead of security risks that will impact organizational objectives and manages them to reduce complexity and harden your defenses.

That’s where our Security Consultants can help. We can work to improve your security processes and operations at every step with the right services for your needs—advisory and assessment, architecture, implementation, assurance and testing.

With over 5,000 experienced and credentialed security professionals serving thousands of customers daily, our scope alone is a powerful asset in a broadening threat environment. But there’s more to what we do on a daily basis. Industry expertise, technology training, and proficiency on compliance issues are what truly make the difference as we work in partnership with enterprise organizations worldwide. It’s how we achieve the outcomes that matter most to our clients.

Even in the most complex environments, our methodology is simple:

  • Advise on a security roadmap in line with your business objectives
  • Transform your security to address gaps and better manage risk and opportunities
  • Manage your infrastructure proactively to keep you agile and ready to respond quickly to security issues

HP’s experience across the entire IT landscape, from data centers through the cloud across hybrid infrastructures and on any device, gives us the unique ability to offer the industry expertise and skills you need to secure your infrastructure—end to end, vendor agnostic, and aligned to your industry.


Security Consulting portfolio

Security Risk Management

A key part of our security consulting is uncovering your security concerns and issues, then aligning solutions to your larger enterprise objectives. Not sure where to start? Get a security assessment in a single day through our Security Discovery Workshop, a one-day, roll-up-your-sleeves working session that helps you understand where you are today, where you need to be tomorrow, and how to get there. We’ll sit down with your IT and business teams and work through an in-depth analysis of your current security posture, a holistic transformation framework, and a clear roadmap to reduce security exposure.

Security Intelligence and Incident Response

With increasingly open and collaborative environments, it is inevitable that a breach will happen. You need to be ready to identify issues, fix problems, and plan for future attacks. HP Security Intelligence and Incident Response help you establish an optimal end-to-end approach to breach management. We rapidly deploy a highly skilled and experienced cyber security team and our progressive technology to your enterprise—full lifecycle solutions that move beyond risk reduction and compliance to bring you proactive security plans.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

IT vulnerabilities can be costly in terms of lost intellectual property, fines, and remediation costs—not to mention the potential reputational damage. HP Vulnerability Management provides regular security assessments, including penetration testing, to enhance security levels. We help you accurately identify security strengths, weaknesses and common configuration faults, and then we recommend appropriate remediation measures.

Data Protection and Privacy

Your employees may be one of your biggest security threats, accidentally (or intentionally) leaking sensitive data as they share past your endpoints in the cloud and on mobile devices. We can help you reduce that risk through content-aware data loss prevention that filters and blocks information from leaving your enterprise. This can be further combined with data governance, endpoint security, rights management, and mobile security to help ensure data is in its authorized channels.

Security Identity and Access

Do you know who is accessing your information? Make sure that only authorized employees, customers, and partners can access your systems and applications. HP Identity and Access Management Services address your end-to-end needs—consulting, privileged account management, authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and identity lifecycle management. As an HP client, you can choose to take advantage of all of these services—or only the ones that meet your unique needs.

Applications Security

An easy exchange of information makes your enterprise efficient—but also opens you to vulnerabilities, especially at the application level. Enhance your security: our managed and consulting services assess your application security environment, correct flaws, and offer expert guidance for better design and operation – whether you’re building new applications or trying to protect existing ones.

Infrastructure and Network Security

You know you need an enterprise-wide security strategy covering priority security and business risks. But where do you start? Our HP Infrastructure Security Consultants work with you to create a flexible and easily scalable security infrastructure that helps safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your vital corporate data. We work closely with your team to design and deploy a security solution that addresses a broad spectrum of security threats.


SSL VPN Appliance and managed remote authentication

if you utilize services from HP, this service ensures that HP applies all the security controls mandated in your agreement.

Address security threats while minimizing costs

Security and compliance consulting expertise

Create a comprehensive, compliant and efficient solution

Cyber security services for both readiness and design services

Information protection and risk mitigation

Protect sensitive data and critical business processes

Translate key data for critical investigations


Data capture for time-sensitive disclosure requirements

Anti virus, anti spam and personal firewall

One-day interactive workshop to facilitate faster decision-making and cross-team collaboration.

Security services for organizations operating within the UK public sector

Provides flexible, end-to-end enterprise security services

Access to IT security experts 24x7

Integrated, end-to-end IAM services

Assess the effectiveness of an organization’s information security risk management

collects and analyses security compliance and risk information, providing you with assurance that service providers are applying the required security controls to meet SLAs and compliance standards.

Protect your infrastructure with comprehensive security

Risk-based information security management


Monitoring and proactive response

Build a PCI DSS-compliant infrastructure and monitor compliance

gives you the visibility and control to make business decisions based on actual risk assessments through a combination of services, innovation and reporting tools.

Strategic security portal demonstration

Hosted mail and hosted web

Network IPS, firewall, and proxy appliance

A scientific approach to securing the enterprise

Manage business and IT change for the ever-changing threat landscape

Respond rapidly to security breaches and threats

SSL VPN Appliance and managed remote authentication

Assess security risk quickly and efficiently and control it

Measure information security risks and vulnerabilities

Managed web application firewalls