Big Data continues to be a major challenge for executives but is also creating tremendous opportunity. HP is helping customers address this challenge with innovative software solutions that help customers integrate data across organizational boundaries, quickly analyze vast amounts of data, and reduce the complexity of their business analytics environments.

Enabling Information Technology Services for HP Autonomy

HP offers a comprehensive set of Enabling Information Technology Services for Autonomy. This package focuses on solution-oriented integration and implementation services that leverage the Autonomy software portfolio. These services are designed to help our clients harness Big Data (including unstructured data), define their specific data analysis requirements and determine the best options for implementing Autonomy solutions and products to achieve business outcomes.

Features include:

Integration Services – Integrates Autonomy software and solutions into a client’s enterprise: architecture, design, build, test, run, project management, hardware/network (technical), applications and process integration, configuration testing and deployment

Consulting Services – Enterprise level; advise, master planning, business outcome alignment, solution references, business/industry expertise.

HAVEn As-a-Service

There is more data available than ever. Creating value out of analyzing and combining different data points can create the potential for automation, new revenue, and competitive advantage. How enterprises take advantage of these technologies can set them ahead of their competition. For digital transformations of organizations to become real and affordable, organizations must be able to load information into their analytics platform continuously, while simultaneously, cost effectively, and securely allowing access to structured and unstructured data for comprehensive analytics. This access to analytics can yield new business outcomes, regardless of industry.

HP HAVEn As-a-Service provides clients with all the configured HAVEn platform services without the upfront costs, risks, burden of IT resources, and shelf ware, allowing them to focus on reaching their business goals.

Vertica As-a-Service

HP Vertica As-a-Service provides clients with real-time analytics to derive valuable insights and rapidly respond to opportunities—without investing in software licenses and hardware—delivered in a cost effective as-a-service model.

Enabling Information Technology Services for HP Vertica

The Vertica Analytics Platform from HP provides robust advanced analytics, allowing organizations to analyze structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in physical, virtual, and cloud environments, on a massive scale and in real time.

Enabling Information Technology Services for Microsoft

HP Enabling Information Technology Services for Microsoft takes you through the full enterprise information lifecycle, from assessment through implementation.

Transformation Services for SAP HANA

HP Transformation Services for SAP HANA helps you determine the associated costs, effort, and benefit of migrating. We’ll help you determine the next steps to modernize your business and to execute a smooth, efficient transition.