Create an agile, high-performance enterprise through modernization

Meet rapidly changing transportation demands—price transparency, service commoditization, self-service channels, and distribution costs with high-quality IT services. It can improve your bottom line and increase business agility, productivity, and capacity for growth.

With decades of experience providing solutions for the travel and transportation industry, HP can help you address these challenges. We can modernize your enterprise to reduce costs, provide end-to-end visibility across your supply chain and improve customer satisfaction.

Consumer Travel

Today’s travel enterprises face a broad set of challenges: inflexible, costly legacy applications and infrastructure; the commoditization of basic services; a volatile cost structure (fuel); consumers that are always connected; industry consolidation; growing concern for environmental impact and sustainability.

HP can help you respond to these challenges so you can:

  • Create a more “personally tailored” travel experience.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Identify new sources of revenue.
  • Improve time-to-market.
  • Modernize legacy technologies.

Airline Travel

Passenger Service Solution

HP Passenger Service Solutions (HP PSS) is the suite of mission critical services that allows an airline to sell seats and other airline products, manage the customer travel lifecycle, handle passenger airport check-in and boarding and then recognize revenue based on the customer service delivered.

HP Flight Operations

HP Flight Operations empowers airlines to effectively manage and improve their flight operations. It includes three applications to seamlessly integrate systems and control operations at the Airline Operations Center and at the Airport.

HP Airline Mobility

Airlines can gain a true business enabler with HP’s Airline Mobility. Delivered via as-a-service model, Airline Mobility can provide hardware, software, and management services that support the client's growth strategy and creates value.