Consolidating mobility data for reliablilty and quality

HPE Mobility Management solutions put personalized communication at the center of the service delivery environment. This is done by consolidating the dispersed real-time profiles of your mobile subscribers into a single, scalable database with high data integrity and a small footprint.

Simplify migration to Heterogeneous networks of 3G, 4G-LTE and WiFi and deliver a consistent service experience and personalized services with added efficiency by integrating subscriber profile data with our industry-leading Integrated Home Subscriber Server (I-HSS).

Increase service availability and improve customer satisfaction by deploying an HPE I-HSS as backup for all subscriber data from non-HPE HLRs or HSSs in your network. The high-performance HPE I-HSS acts as an alternate routing path to mitigate outage risks and enable you to deploy upgrades without downtime.

Reduce total cost of ownership with a single platform that uses a federated data approach to support up to 100 million subscribers. The HPE I-HSS Consolidation solution seamlessly handles interoperation between UMTS, GSM/CDMA, LTE and WiFi networks and multiple switch systems to help you gain agility, anticipate and adapt to your customers' service expectations.


Managing subscriber data in 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks

Mobile carriers face complex challenges as service offerings rapidly expand and need 100% uptime. Success requires excellence in three areas. New HPE solutions uniquely deliver all three and solve the subscriber data challenge while delivering industry best uptime.

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