HP Operations Support System (OSS) Fulfillment Solutions

The HP solutions cover the entire fulfillment process stack as defined by the eTOM—including product catalog-based order management, activation of network and service infrastructure, and maintaining service and resource inventories.

Transform your fulfillment processes to reduce complexity and enable growth

Gain tangible business outcomes with HP’s complete, integrated OSS solution, from end-to-end transformation governance, to solution design and delivery.


The HP OSS Fulfillment solution portfolio has been built to meet CSPs needs and addresses multi-technology and multi-vendor environments. It comes with prepackaged offerings, designed to help you deal with any complexity and meet high demands on scalability.

Realize important business benefits, such as:

  • Growth in marketshare after deployment of automated service activation processes
  • Reduced order system complexity resulting in savings
  • Decreased time to market

HP OSS Fulfillment products and solutions address the following key functional areas:

  • Order management: Automates product lifecycle management efficiently, and reduces order fallouts.
  • Service activation: Defines, organizes and automates the many tasks required to configure and activate a service.
  • Inventory management: Maintains the database of record and manages all resources, as well as their related engineering processes.
  • Change and configuration management: Allows automation of the entire change lifecycle.