Intelligent networking with unmatched reliability and scalability

Developing scalable applications spanning multi-standard, multi-generation networks is not a trivial task. HP INS helps developers overcome complexities by providing subsystems and capabilities that offload as much of the application development work as possible.

Learn how HP INS can streamline your services


Built on HP NonStop S-Series and Integrity NonStop servers, HP INS brings the same levels of reliability, scalability and data integrity to the core network services as those powering financial institutions and stock exchange markets worldwide.

One service platform for multiple technologies:

  • Architected to support multiple application and communications and telecom services on a single platform, HP INS provides a proven, robust services platform across legacy Signalling System number seven (SS7), IP networks and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) based services with SIP and Diameter stacks.

Unmatched reliability:

  • Built on HP NonStop computing technology, HP INS assures reliability, scalability and data integrity of core network services.

Simplified operation:

  • With a single consistent operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning interface for all services, operational costs and agility are greatly improved.

Rapid service development

  • Using a Service Creation Environment and a library of functional Building Blocks, HP INS helps developers increase agility and overcome complexities and risks of launching new cross-technology services.

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