Connecting healthcare participants

Individuals want to understand benefits, keep track of treatment while learning how to stay healthy and control their health information. Healthcare Providers are looking for ways to maximize the care their patients receive by quickly acting on individual healthcare information as well as maximize efficiencies in their office administration.

HP Healthcare Portal Solutions is a web-based system bringing together traditionally disparate backend systems to present a unified consumer-centric picture of health. HP Healthcare Portal Solutions is released on a regular schedule providing continuous improvements and new feature enhancements.

The solution provides secure on-line access to personal health information for members and providers ranging from Care Management through to Electronic Health Records and ePrescribing. It provides a 24/7 information, transaction and communications channel and eases navigation while addressing regulatory compliancy and secure access requirements.

Efficiency and automation when you want it

HP Healthcare Portal Solutions is a web services platform providing content delivery and transactional functionality for individuals and providers. By offering an easy-to-use connection point, users have the information they need at their fingertips.

Our Internet-based portals are available 24/7, allowing patients and providers access to information exactly when they need it. The system reduces per-consumer cost for insurance companies and offers an input point for automation. Submission accuracy increases since individuals and providers directly input patient information thereby decreasing errors because of system controls.

Our solution may be implemented in a phased approach revealing new end-user features over time to further take advantage of its architecture while meeting your business needs as system capabilities grow as guided by Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and MITA principles.


Healthcare Member Portal Solution

The Member Portal presents a unified consumer-centric picture of health to improve services and outcomes. It provides individuals with secure online access to their, as well as dependents’, personal health information, eligibility, and coverage. It also provides access to information such as claims, benefits or prior authorizations, spend-down tracking and third party activity. They can easily locate nearby doctors or review program and policy information.

Important broadcast information, such as where to get an H1N1 flu vaccination or incentives for wellness programs, can be accessed through the Member Portal providing an effective channel for communications for payers.

Collaboration is also woven into the healthcare portal framework where members can interact with providers such as their physician or case worker through joint reviews of health risk assessments and goals embedded in individual care plans.


Healthcare Provider Portal Solution

Our Healthcare Provider Portal Solution coordinates member care and office administration tasks, allowing access to patient EHR, eligibility, claims, prior authorization and care management options through a member-centric approach. The HP Healthcare Provider Portal allows providers to determine benefit coverage, perform plan of care inquires, conduct basic drug searches and submit claims, submit appeals among other activities.

Through a member centric dash, providers can review at-a-glance member information and branch into more detail without additional searching. Providers can also begin claims, prior authorizations and appeals in context of the member and through pre-population of data into these transactions, resulting in efficiencies and increased accuracy for the provider.

Healthcare Provider Portal Solution is the hub of provider communication, offering both a secure mailbox for private correspondence and a channel for the provider to communicate both with the payer and with their patients.


Healthcare Electronic Prescribing System

Our Healthcare Electronic Prescribing System supports drug eligibility, formulary, medication history and ProDUR in real-time, routing the prescription directly to the pharmacies. Through our partnership with Surescripts, the national routing body for 99 percent of all U.S. electronic prescriptions, we provide an easy to use interface for maintaining patient’s personal drug profile as well as reported health conditions and allergies.

Our system provides real-time alerts on drug-to-drug interactions as well as interactions with health conditions, allergies and other patient characteristics. EPrescribing provides increased accuracy in the prescription process delivering on patient safety, reduced rework and cost containment.

Our Healthcare Electronic Prescribing System allows providers to prescribe medications for patients via the Internet. The system supports drug eligibility, formulary, medication history, and ProDUR in real-time, routing the prescription directly to the pharmacies.