Strengthening customer loyalty while improving operational efficiency

Today’s travel enterprises face a broad set of challenges: inflexible, costly legacy applications and infrastructure; the commoditization of basic services; a volatile cost structure (fuel); consumers that are always connected; industry consolidation; growing concern for environmental impact and sustainability.

HP can help you respond to these challenges so you can:

  • Create a more “personally tailored” travel experience.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Identify new sources of revenue.
  • Improve time-to-market.
  • Modernize legacy technologies.

Featured Solutions

Flight Operations Solution
Increasing efficiency of the of airline flight operations.

HP Passenger Service Solution
An integrated airline reservation and travel platform based on industry-standard protocols and built on an airline-specific service oriented architecture (SOA) platform.

HP Airline Service Oriented Architecture Platform
Address airlines’ need for cost reduction, business scale, and agility by providing a modern application development platform optimized for airlines.

Enterprise Cloud Services - Virtual Private Cloud
Delivers computing resources via the cloud and allows airlines to scale quickly to the needs of the business and reduce capital and operational expense.

HP Converged Cloud solutions
Learn how HP can help you build the right cloud computing solution to feed innovation, enhance agility and improve financial management.

Application Transformation
Transforming applications to accelerate growth and enhance the value of your organization.

SOA and Integration Services
Strategy, design, development and implementation services to help you move to a service-oriented architecture; or to integrate applications, allowing the speed, agility and flexibility your business demands.

Mobility solutions, services, and experience to help you reap more benefits for your business.