Learning and Development - Ireland

We invest heavily in the development of our employees. We also believe that each employee should play a role in building their own personal and professional development plans. We encourage you to do this in order to help identify your training needs and to ensure they are met during the year.

Induction Programme:
From the moment you start at HP your training begins with a comprehensive induction programme. This is designed to give you an overview of the company. Our induction programme will help you with the transition into your new job. During Induction we also show you also how you can plan your development within HP.

Development Training:
We offer over 200 training classes for employee development. These range from Technical training to personal development and soft skills training.

E- Learning:
We have an on site learning centre where you can complete courses like the ECDL, a widely recognised qualification in computer skills.

We also offer a ‘Virtual Classroom’ where you can learn with your peers from all our sites on a global basis.

Continuing Education:
This gives employees the opportunity to return to college as mature students. Tuition fees are paid for external courses and course materials, and exam and study leave are given.

We support study towards professional accreditation and associated training resources and events. In addition, on-the-job coaching and guidance is provided by your immediate manager and colleagues to help you settle into you job, contribute effectively and take early responsibility.