HP’s 39gII Graphing Calculator. Master key math and science concepts with the HP 39gII Graphing Calculator. This easy-to-use calculator provides powerful functionality, streamlined efficiency and a slide-on hard cover for added protection.


Power Plus Precision

Critical for math and science students, the HP 39gII Graphing Calculator uses familiar algebraic data entry — just like you’re solving problems on paper.
Examine complex theories in symbolic, numeric and graphic views. Review data using interactive history, textbook format display and notes.
Save your work and later share it with classmates for group learning.

Powerful functionality

Plot graphs with greater precision than competing calculators.
Gray scale plotting helps students better visualize their work.
Plus, the HP 39gII offers a programming language that’s modern and complete with user-defined variables and functions.
This graphing calculator is loaded with 15 applications to help students learn. For example, manipulate a graph and see the associated equation change instantly using the HP explorer app.
The HP 39gII boasts more than 600 built-in functions, powerful HP solvers and unit conversions.

Intuitive design

The intuitive interface is consistent from application to application, making the 39gll easy-to-use.
HP 39gII offers a multi-language user interface and help tool that’s context sensitive.

Increased protection and portability

Easily take your HP 39gII Calculator to class and home. The slide-on hard cover is included so there’s less worry when carrying your calculator from place to place.
HP’s support and online tools such as tutorials, educational resources and downloads deliver added reassurance. Learn more about HP calculators.
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