Our customers stay a step ahead with HP innovations. Learn how your business can take advantage of polymorphic storage designs that deliver simplicity at any scale.


HP Converged Storage = ROI to the power of three

Accelerate your ROI dramatically. HP Converged Storage provides a single architecture to cover your storage needs from low to high with converged protocol access across block, object and file.

Storage Federation

Respond to new demands.

Unpredictable workloads? Get agile storage that adjusts quickly without bottlenecks. HP helps your business respond to new demands with innovations that include:

SO Dedupe

Do more with less.

Get the most from every dollar and disk. With the most advanced set of thin technologies in the industry and the first federated deduplication solution, HP Storage brings you unequaled levels of capacity utilization.

Converged Management Dedupe

Deploy services in minutes.

HP Storage gives you instant application availability with deeper integration across the stack. Our innovations deliver built in automation, virtualization and service orchestration.