Are you being forced to choose between performing fewer SQL server backups or spending more for additional storage? HP 3PAR Application Suite for Microsoft SQL is a highly efficient solution that enhances the functionality of HP 3PAR Virtual Copy Software by automatically creating point-in-time snapshots of Microsoft SQL server databases for rapid online recovery. It creates and manages hundreds of application-consistent, reservationless, snapshots of SQL databases.

These snapshots can be used to quickly restore SQL databases or non-disruptively backup databases to tape for near-continuous data protection. Scores of snapshots can be kept online economically, allowing extended or frequent recovery points.

Unlike host-based backup solutions where the time to backup is proportional to the database size, Application Suite for Microsoft SQL creates snapshots instantaneously, irrespective of database size.        


Rapid, Affordable Recovery of SQL Mission-Critical Databases for Enhanced Productivity

The HP 3PAR Application Suite for Microsoft SQL enables your SQL server databases to be quickly recovered to a known point-in-time or to the point of failure, speeding up a variety of operations including rapid recovery of the production SQL server.
Array-based implementation leverages HP 3PAR Virtual Copy Software to enable dozens of snapshots to be kept online economically which supports extended or frequent SQL database recovery points.
Unlike host-based backup solutions where the time to backup is proportional to the size of the database, virtual copies created with Application Suite for Microsoft SQL are instantaneous, irrespective of database size.
Integration with Microsoft VSS provides a standardized interface for creating snapshots; advanced scheduler feature provides automated snapshot creation to control administration costs.
The 3PAR Application Suite for Microsoft SQL can be used to make a range of scenarios simpler and more efficient, including creating snapshots for testing and development purposes.

Supports Highly Granular and Flexible Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives Reducing Downtime

The Application Suite for Microsoft SQL reduces the backup window and associated “race to daylight” by integrating with Microsoft VSS to power the creation of hundreds of non-disruptive, application-consistent snapshots of single or multiple volumes for off-host backup.
Scalable, non-duplicative snapshots allow administrators a greater number of snapshots for a frequent extended history of recovery points, giving flexibility when committing to a given Recovery Point Objective (RPO).
Delivers flexibility to restore from snapshot (via fast disk-to-disk restore) or to directly and instantaneously mount the snapshot on the host, which allows administrators to offer increasingly aggressive Recovery Time Objective (RTO) service level agreements (SLAs) to customers.
Integration with backup products such as HP Data Protector, Symantec NetBackup and Symantec Backup Exec deliver fast, reliable backup to tape and recovery staging to disk from tape.
Integration with optional HP 3PAR Remote Copy Software gives organizations an ideal solution for cost-effective replication of SQL database over any distance to facilitate business continuity following a primary site outage.
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